“I love Bronzer Salon! Jana and Haley are very professional and personable. I have been getting spray tans at Bronzer Salon for over a year now. Their tans are so natural looking! Before I found Bronzer Salon, I tried other spray tans in the area and none of them compare to Bronzer Salon. Excellent quality and great rates. Very highly recommended.”

Cindy B.

“A must when needing to have a “glow” !  Jana is so personable and professional and the color looks flawless.  Feels so good to have a natural looking tan at Bronzer Salon.  Highly recommended!”

Michelle B.

“Bronzer Salon is the best! Bronzer Salon seriously gives the best air brush tans around and they are totally reasonably priced. It is run by a mother and daughter duo who are super sweet, professional and do an amazing job. The Salon is really cute too. I have only gotten spray tans here but they also after airbrush make up. I am too dark for the medium color and not dark enough for the dark, so Jana makes a special mixture that is the perfect color for me. Everywhere else I have ever gone I have had to suffer with either being too dark or not dark enough. They can even add shimmer to the spray for you if you would like. I like to do this if I am going to be out in the sun because it really makes my body glisten. I used to do the mystic spray tans but if you purchase a package getting an air brush tan here is actually cheaper and turns out flawless every time. No more streaks or looking orange for me! I seriously cannot speak highly enough about this place and once you get an air brush tan here I guarantee you will never go back to conventional spray tanning. I definitely trust them for special occasions and always recommend them to friends.”

Rachael D.

“LOVE Bronzer Salon!!!   Haley & Jana know exactly what they are doing to give you the healthy touch of sunshine glow.  My husband even tried it (he never tans) and first thing he said when we left was he’d do it again!   We even had “mobile tanning” for a group of girls going to Prom and it worked great…    I would never vacation without getting a Bronzer tan… it’s great. Don’t fear “orange” – even on the palest of skins it’s a perfect shade.”

Connie B.